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A selection of live views from Carluke, South Lanarkshire. The site is located at an elevation of 223m (730') amsl.

Latest Very High resolution webcam Image, looking NNW. Click image for full size webcam, currently 2048x1536 resolution.

This webcam points towards Black Hill Transmitters, 14.5km to the NNW. Note that the cloud base can be determined at night by the number of lights illuminated on the masts, whose base is 925' amsl. See key. Though on many occasions the cloud base at Black Hill is not representative of that at Carluke. These masts are Scotland's tallest manmade structures.

Latest Very High resolution webcam Image, looking NE . Click image for full size webcam, currently 2048x1536 resolution.

This webcam points towards Black Law Wind Farm, which when built, was the largest onshore windfarm in the UK. ,

The low res cam is a Logitech webcam interfaced with Vision GS. The Wind Farm camera is an Olympus C765UZ, which is controlled by Sabsik's Cam2Com. The C765 was bought in 2018 to replace a trusty C760UZ which had taken several million shots, but the sensor eventually became noisy and lined. The full size image, to the best of my knowledge, held the record for 8 years of being the highest resolution webcam in the UK. The High Res Transmitter cam is an Olympus SP500UZ, also controlled by Cam2Com. Both are on a 5 minute upload schedule, though are prone to losing USB connectivitySoftware.


Please also have a look at some weather pictures taken in the local area.


20-image NE

20-image N

Some archive images, taken with Kodak DX4900 4Mp Camera (images around 300kb each)

Skyscape at sunset..........View towards Argyll, Trossachs, Perthshire

Developing cumulus.........Shallow cumulus at sunset

Cumulonimbus to North ......Noctilucent Cloud June 2004.....

Birds flocking with CB to north.....Rainbow October 2004......Cumulus Tintogen (forming over Tinto)

Storm to SW......Cirrus sheaf.....cloudscape.....darkening sky ........prethunder May 2004

Mountainous CB.....Beyond here lies Mordor....sunset .... flaked salmon sunset May 2004

Tinto pretends to be a volcano....Tcu Train ....Again...Virga train Sept 2003 ...More virga

Snow Nov 2005 1 Snow Nov 2005 2

Noctilucent Cloud as detected by webcam

Loop of Noctilucent Cloud

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